When the matter is reduced to nano level size, they tend to possess some unique physical properties that are greatly influenced by size, shape, and nature of the environment surrounding the nanoparticles. Gold nanoparticles are more striking than other nanoparticles in biological applications due to special properties such as non-toxicity, biocompatibility, facile synthesis, size, and shape tunability. Gold nanoparticles are in the range of 1 nm – 8 µm in size and are suspended in a fluid (usually water) to form a colloid known as colloidal gold.

Different shapes and sizes of gold nanoparticles find numerous applications in genomics, biosensors, immunoassay, clinical studies, detection and photothermolysis of microorganisms and cancer cells, targeted delivery of drug, gene, peptides, DNA, antigens, bioimaging, etc.

Amerigo Scientific offers high-quality gold nanoparticles from global suppliers with leading manufacturing technologies, whose proprietary manufacturing techniques allow for a high degree of reproducibility in the size, dispersion and shape of the gold produced.

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  • Size: 500mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090144BBI
  • Application: Lateral Flow
  • Size: 20mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090145BBI
  • Application: Lateral Flow
  • Size: 100mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090146BBI
  • Application: Lateral Flow
  • Size: 20mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090147BBI
  • Size: 100mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090148BBI
  • Size: 100mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090149BBI
  • Size: 50mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090150BBI
  • Size: 10mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090151BBI
  • Size: 20mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090152BBI
  • Application: Lateral Flow
  • Size: 100mL
  • Catalog Number: GN01090153BBI
  • Application: Lateral Flow

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