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  • Protein folding is the process by which a polypeptide chain folds into a bioactive protein in a three-dimensional structure. During translation, each protein exists first as an unfolded polypeptide or random coil after being translated from mRNA to a linear chain of amino acids. The amino acids in the chain eventually interact with each other to form a well-defined folded protein. Hydrophobic effects, Vander Waals forces, H-bonds, and hydrostatic interactions drive the formation of complex protein structures. The amino acid sequence of a protein determines its three-dimensional structure that is critical to its function.

    Protein folding is a very sensitive process that is influenced by several external factors including electric and magnetic fields, temperature, pH, chemicals, space limitation, and molecular crowding. These factors influence the ability of proteins to fold into their correct functional forms. In vivo, proteins that do not fold correctly may be unstable or inactive, or even toxic, leading to dysfunction and many diseases.

    Amerigo Scientific offers protein folding column sets and kits to be widely employed to make active proteins from inclusion bodies.

    Product Range

    Columns for Folding Soluble Proteins

    • Spin-Column Protein Folding Screen Kit

    The protein folding columns are designed to produce active proteins from guanidine hydrochloride or urea-solubilized inclusion bodies or protein aggregates formed during protein expression, purification or storage. Different proteins are folded under different conditions. The Spin-column Protein Folding Screen Kit includes 10 spin-columns that represent 10 optimized and diversified protein folding conditions including conditions allowing disulfide bond formation and reducing conditions. The folded protein samples from the screen kit are used for SDS-PAGE and activity tests. Based on the test results, the optimal condition (the column number) is selected for preparative folding.

    The Spin-column Protein Folding Screen Kit (Catalog No. SFC01-10) includes 10 spin columns, 160 µl of Solution A and 600 µl of Solution B. The screen kit is an easy-to-use and effective tool for optimization of protein folding conditions.

    • Large-Scale Preparative Protein Folding Column Set

    The Large-scale Preparative Protein Folding Column Sets are used for preparative protein folding after the folding condition has been identified by the Spin-column Protein Folding Screen Kit (Catalog number SFC01-10). The column number represents the specific folding condition. Each Large-scale Preparative Protein folding Column Set includes 4 identical preparative protein folding columns and reagents for folding 10 to 20 mg of guanidine hydrochloride or urea-solubilized inclusion body proteins.

    The Large-scale Preparative Protein Folding Column Sets (Catalog No. PFC01 to PFC10) includes 4 columns, 5.4 ml of Solution A, 15.4 ml of Solution C and 8.4 ml Solution B.

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