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    Gas chromatography (GC) is a chemical analysis technique for the detection of volatile organic compounds, and the quality of the samples tested is directly related to the chromatographic results. We offer highly sensitive and convenient GC sampling needle products. Once the sample is pumped into the collection needle, the absorbent absorbs specific compound. Then the needle can be inserted directly into the GC injection port for subsequent analysis, eliminating the need for secondary concentration such as cryo-focusing and activated carbon capture.

    Amerigo Scientific supplies GC gas collection needles suitable for most volatile samples collection and GC analysis instruments, helping customers to reduce the sample processing steps and subsequent difficulties. Our collection needle products contain different adsorbents which suitable for the collection and concentration of many common compounds such as alcohols, fatty acids, amines and etc. The high precision and sensitivity of our products ensure effective capture of low concentration compounds and reproducible GC results.

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