Nucleic acid standards, also known as markers or ladders, are a set of standards that are used to identify the approximate size of a molecule run on a gel during electrophoresis, using the principle that molecular weight is inversely proportional to its mobility through a gel matrix.

Amerigo Scientific provides superior quality nucleic acid ladders to achieve accurate band analysis for your particular application.

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L0007-S; L0007; L0008
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: NAS3268497CAN
L0009-S; L0009; L0010
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: NAS3268496CAN
L0011-S; L0011; L0012
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: NAS3268495CAN
L0013-S; L0013; L0014
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: NAS3268494CAN
L0017-S; L0017; L0018
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: NAS3268493CAN
L0015-S; L0015; L0016
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: NAS3268492CAN
L0020 -S; L0020; L0021
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: NAS3268491CAN
  • Size: 200 applications
  • Catalog Number: NAS3237851HIG
  • Size: 200 applications
  • Catalog Number: NAS3237850HIG
  • Size: 200 applications
  • Catalog Number: NAS3237849HIG
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