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  • Physicians and scientists face the challenge of keeping organs, tissues, and cells viable during various transportation and storage processes for research needs. General products on the market are designed to keep organs, tissue samples, and cells alive for up to 24 hours. Amerigo Scientific offers a solution to preserve tissues, organs, and cells for a longer period for the benefit of physicians and scientists around the world. T-STORE® is a series of sterile, chemically defined, and optimized media that provide a stable storage and shipping environment for mammalian tissue samples and cells.

    The composition of the medium used to nurture the samples during the preservation protocol is very important, as many factors can negatively affect the integrity of proteins, DNA and RNA in tissues or cells. T-Store® utilizes a robust buffering system, allowing its use over a wide temperature range (+2 °C to +37 °C). In addition, T-Store® is isosmotic, isotonic and isoionic with human serum and interstitial fluid, creating a homeostatic environment to retain the acid-base balance and integrity of human cells and tissues, thereby avoiding the issues of necrosis and apoptosis in cell and tissue samples post collection.

    T-Store® media provide storage/transportation time of up to 72 hours for all types of human tissue and cell samples, enabling samples to be shipped to international destinations. The extension of viable storage and transport time facilitates an expansion in the use of live samples for vital researches.

    Product Range


    T-Store ® storage and transportation media are suitable for all types of animal and human cells, tissues, and organs. Currently, T-Store ® is only used for laboratory research.

    • With T-Store®, cells can be stored and transported at low temperatures (0-4 °C) or ambient temperature for 12-120 hours.
    • T-Store® is suitable for maintaining the function of organs in vitro.
    • T-Store® is ideal for functional support of fresh biopsied cells and tissues for up to 72 hours.

    Key Benefits

    • Free of animal and human serum
    • Isosmotic, isotonic and isoioinic with human serum and interstitial fluid
    • Suitable for all cell types
    • Used in "cold" and/or "body" temperature conditions, whether in aerobic or anaerobic environments
    • Simple biopsy tissue preservation process without soaking or fixing
    • Maintenance time of the functional activity and morphological integrity of cell and tissue samples up to 72 hours

    Key Benefits

    Quality Assurance

    • T-store® Media undergo rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure they are negative for bacteria, yeast, and fungi.
    • T-Store® Media are tested for endotoxin and endotoxin levels conform to EU standards (≤0.025 EU/mL).
    • Complete results are reported on the Certificate of Analysis supplied with each batch.

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