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    Stable isotope-labeled standards play a crucial role in various fields such as biological analysis, environment research, and drug development. The use of isotope-labeled standards can improve the accuracy and precision of the results obtained using specific analytical techniques, such as mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). In many assays, highly characteristic standards are used to achieve accurate quantification and reliability of system applicability, enabling the assessment of possible losses or errors related to human errors (e.g., inappropriate pipetting), chemical errors (e.g., analyte extraction, hydrolysis), and instrumental errors (e.g., ion suppression, matrix effects). MS is widely used in various laboratories due to its high specificity, reproducibility, and sensitivity. Stable isotope-labeled standards should be incorporated to obtain accurate MS measurements. The labeled standards are added in precise and constant amounts to experimental samples, as internal standards, as well as to the standard curves and QC samples. Using the isotope-labeled standards as internal standards can effectively solve the problem of recovery differences. The isotope-labeled biological standards can be used to obtain precise quantification of endogenous metabolites in various biological matrices for analysis of metabolic function and dynamics. In environmental research, isotope-labeled standards can be used to monitor the movement of chemicals in ecosystems, identify pollution sources in the environment, and understand processes such as bioaccumulation and degradation.

    Amerigo Scientific provides a wide range of stable isotope labeled standards for the qualitative/quantitative analysis of biological molecules, drugs and metabolites, pollutants, specific chemicals, etc.

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    CAM-CLM-10587-10; CAM-CLM-10587-50
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: SILS474531CAM
    • Application: Clinical MS; Drug Standards; Environmental Analysis
    CAM-NLM-6217-CA; CAM-NLM-6217-CA-20
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: SILS474530CAM
    • Application: Environmental Analysis; Synthetic Intermediates; Phthalate and Phthalate Metabolite Standards; Priority Pollutants; Endocrine Disruptors
    • Size: 1 mL
    • Catalog Number: SILS474529CAM
    • Application: Clinical MS; Drug Standards; Environmental Analysis; Food Testing; Metabolism; Metabolomics
    • Size: 1 mL
    • Catalog Number: SILS474528CAM
    • Application: Clinical MS; Drug Standards; Environmental Analysis
    • Size: 1 mL
    • Catalog Number: SILS474527CAM
    • Application: Clinical MS; Drug Standards; Environmental Analysis
    • Catalog Number: SILS474526CAM
    • Application: Metabolomics; MS/MS Standards; Synthetic Intermediates
    • Catalog Number: SILS474525CAM
    • Application: Metabolomics; MS/MS Standards
    • Size: 1 vial
    • Catalog Number: SILS474524CAM
    • Application: Metabolomics; MS/MS Standards
    • Size: 1 vial
    • Catalog Number: SILS474523CAM
    • Application: Metabolomics; MS/MS Standards
    • Size: 10 vials
    • Catalog Number: SILS474522CAM
    • Application: Metabolomics; MS/MS Standards
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