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    Diagnosis is a critical enabler of universal health coverage as the first line of defense against the spread of many diseases. From rapid treatment and combating antimicrobial resistance, to delivering personalized medicine, the clinical demand for diagnosis especially in vitro diagnosis is ever expanding. The development of novel diagnostic method generates value not only in diagnostic testing itself but also in the downstream care pathway. Tests for new biomarkers or with new analytical technologies are developed to enable more rapid, more sensitive, and more specific diagnosis of diseases, which improves patient outcomes and lowers healthcare costs.

    At Amerigo Scientific, essential biological raw materials to the diagnostic and research industries are supplied, based on ethical considerations and customers’ specific requirements. These high-quality products include a range of antigen products, normal human serum, disease state plasma, standards, positive control materials, as well as reagents for diagnostic tests such as buffers, catalysts, cofactors, blockers, substrates, stabilizers, and solvents.

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    • Size: 200mL
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    • Size: 500mL
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