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    Chromatography buffer is an aqueous solution composed of either a weak acid and its conjugate base or a weak base and its conjugate acid, which is usually used as a mobile phase in liquid chromatography (LC). In LC/HPLC system, an appropriate chromatography buffer can hold the pH constant and control the ionization state of analytes to achieve maximum retention and efficient separation, by neutralizing charged bases and acids. Thus, the selection of chromatography buffers is important for the selectivity of a separation, and for the sensitivity of LC analysis coupling with mass spectrometry (MS) detectors or ultraviolet (UV) detectors.

    Amerigo Scientific offers chromatography buffers based on different pH values, analytes, LC/HPLC columns and analytical requirements. The buffering ability, solubility, absorbance, volatility and cleanness of our products are tested by rigorous quality control, ensuring sensitive, selective, and reproducible LC/HPLC analysis.

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