Lab Ovens and Furnaces

Ovens and furnaces are devices used for heating in laboratory experiments and in many different materials testing applications. Ovens typically operate at lower temperatures than furnaces and are used for drying samples, removing solvents, heat curing, and heating reactions, while furnaces generate higher temperatures for specialized applications and are typically used for sintering, calcining, heat treating, and high-temperature reactions of samples.

Laboratory ovens are different in convection, which is the method of distributing heat throughout the chamber of a laboratory oven to heat the contents. Gravity ovens utilize natural circulation with lower uniformity and forced-air ovens are powered by blowers with greater uniformity and stability. Select the appropriate oven based on the test application, temperature range, convection type, chamber size, uniformity and stability requirements, ventilation, recovery time, materials, and control options.

Laboratory furnaces are widely used in material science, metallurgy, ceramic processes, and other high-temperature experiments, which are usually more compact, with thicker insulated walls to maintain higher temperatures. Their chambers are small, and samples are tested in ceramic or specialty metal crucibles. According to the temperature range, laboratory furnaces are categorized as low-temperature furnaces (below 500°C), medium-temperature furnaces (500°C to 1200°C), and high-temperature furnaces (above 1200°C). According to the heating method, laboratory furnaces can be categorized into resistance heating furnaces, induction heating furnaces, radiant heating furnaces, and gas-burning furnaces.

Amerigo Scientific offers a wide selection of laboratory ovens and furnaces with a variety of chamber capacities, temperature ranges, and manual or digital control systems for your different applications. We also offer a range of small appliances, electric and propane stoves, hot plates, and hot air dryers that can be used as convenient portable alternatives to ovens or furnaces for some less demanding drying and heating applications.

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