Gas chromatography (GC) uses the differences of substances in boiling points, polarities and adsorption properties to achieve the separation and analysis of mixed components. GC is well suited for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile substances and trace substances.

GC is one of the most important organic analysis methods. It is widely used in scientific research, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, food safety, environmental monitoring and forensic investigations because of its high separation efficiency, speed and sensitivity.

Amerigo Scientific offers industry-leading technology manufactured GC system products, including GC capillary columns, GC packed columns, GC packing materials and accessories to meet different needs from laboratory analysis to batch testing. Our goal is to provide users with professional chromatographic analysis systems, reducing usage and maintenance cost, and ensuring reproducible, reliable results.


  • Fast analysis, typically minutes
  • High sensitivity, easily detecting at ppm and ppb levels
  • Highly specialized for the analysis of different substances, e.g., fatty acids, amines, amino acids, metal complexes and pesticides
  • High adaptability for coupling to mass spectrometers

Product Range

Gas Chromatography Columns

GC column is the core component of a gas chromatographic system. Its quality directly affects separation efficiency and the availability of analysis results.

GC columns can be divided into two major types: one is GC packed columns, whose fine-particle stationary phase is filled in metal or glass tube columns. The other is called GC capillary columns. The stationary phase is instead coated on the inner wall of a capillary-size column, or coated on the supports lined on the walls of the column. GC packed columns and capillary columns are very different in appearance, operation, and performance, leading to different characteristics and applications.

Product types Characteristics Applications
GC Packed Columns
  • More flexibility in column size and stationary phase selection
  • Higher sample load capacities than capillary columns
Packed columns in different polarities and sizes available for various analytical needs
GC Micropacked Columns
  • A type of packed column, but shorter and narrower
  • Higher column efficiency than standard packed columns
  • Higher sample capacity than capillary columns
  • Particularly suitable for the analysis of gas mixtures and highly volatile gases, e.g., sulfur compounds and light hydrocarbons
  • For analyzing samples which are difficult to be detected in capillary columns
GC Capillary Columns
  • Higher column efficiency than packed columns
  • Lower diffusion
  • Higher peak capacity
  • Suitable for rapid analysis of individual trace compounds
  • For highly sensitive analytical assays, e.g., fatty acid, isomer analysis, pesticide residues and medicine analysis

Gas Chromatography Packing Materials

A GC column consists of a column and stationary phase packing inside. The feature of GC packing materials determines the polarity and applications of packed columns. To facilitate the replacement and customization of different GC packed columns, we provide a wide range of GC packing materials in reliable quality and complete specifications.

Product types Characteristics Applications
Solid Supports Providing porous polymer beads, diatomaceous earth supports, carbon supports, porous silica supports, fluororesin and terephthalic acid supports, etc. Used to hold liquid stationary phases for gas-liquid chromatography
Liquid Stationary Phases Many kinds of stationary phases in different relative polarities and boiling points
  • Suitable for gas-liquid chromatography
  • Either used to coat supports in packed columns, or to coat on the capillary column walls
Standard Packing Materials Various GC stationary phases products including coated and uncoated packings meeting specific chromatographic separations
  • For directly use and loading
  • For gas-solid or gas-liquid chromatography packed columns
  • Suitable for different analytical purposes, e.g., environmental pollutants, offensive odors, food products, chemical industry, etc.

Gas Chromatography Accessories

We offer accessories for common gas chromatographic analysis systems. Our accessory products are developed through professional technology to improve the overall performance of GC systems and expand the range of applications.

Product types Characteristics Applications
Gas Sample Extraction Needles Collection and concentration of a wide range of volatile substances based on different adsorbents inside
  • Facilitating subsequent GC analysis
  • For specific applications, e.g., general organic solvents, short chain amines, fatty acids, and alcohols

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