Presses and Pellet Dies

Presses are forming machines used to prepare samples for analysis by compressing sample material that has been ground into a fine powder into solid particles. Presses are ideal for materials science applications, X-ray fluorescence/XRF analysis, pharmaceutical Research & Development, battery and fuel cell research, metallurgical/materials research, infrared spectroscopy, and so on. Common applications include drying and flattening samples for plant collection, pellet pressing, preparing powdered materials into tablet form for calorimeter testing, compression strength testing, and fluid extraction. In addition, other uses for laboratory pellets include the mineral, ceramic, or pharmaceutical industries.

Pellet dies are often used with tablet presses, and they are made of hardened steel or other durable materials that can be designed for different sizes and shapes of pellets depending on the specific requirements of the analysis, allowing the sample powder to be compressed into solid pellets with a specific size and shape. To avoid the rusting of the compression molds, they need to be stored in a dry environment and cleaned after each use. If it is not intended to be used for a long period of time, it is recommended to apply some oil to the surface of the compression mold.

Amerigo Scientific offers manual or powered laboratory presses to meet a variety of sample preparation requirements or compression programs. Some powered presses can be fully automated for optimum efficiency. In addition, Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of hardened steel or tungsten carbide pellet pressing dies for pressing dry powder pellets that are used in FTIR and XRF pellet pressing dies. Different sizes and shapes are available, including standard and unique disc, square, ring, spherical, and other special-shaped compacting dies.

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