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    Sputtering targets are materials that are used to produce thin films by a technique known as sputter deposition or thin film deposition, which have a variety of uses in modern manufacturing. In thin film deposition, the sputtering target starts as a solid and is then split up by a gaseous, high-speed ion beam into small particles that form a spray and coat the substrate. The thin, durable coating is suitable for a variety of applications.

    Many products in common use today are coated with sputtering targets. Most modern electronics contain basic components produced with tantalum sputtering targets, including microchips, memory chips, print heads, flat panel displays, and more. Sputtering targets are also used to produce Low-E coated glass, which is commonly used in building construction due to its energy savings, light control, and aesthetics. In addition, third-generation thin-film solar cells are prepared using sputtering coating technology.

    A variety of multifunctional sputtering targets have been developed for different applications. Tantalum is used as a barrier layer on silicon wafers for semiconductor production and is therefore used in all modern electronics. Niobium has similar properties to Tantalum and is often used in electronics. In addition, Niobium is corrosion-resistant due to its oxide film and is considered a superconductor. Widely used in many traditional products such as watches, laptops, and bicycles, titanium is lightweight and corrosion resistant. This material is typically used for wear-resistant and aesthetic designs and can also be used for semiconductor and optical coatings. Tungsten is widely used as a decorative coating because of its high melting point and thermal conductivity. Molybdenum with lower density can be used in place of tungsten and is commonly used to coat solar panels. Hafnium films are often used as insulators for semiconductors and can also be used to provide surface hardness and protection. As an element with a high dielectric constant, hafnium can improve the performance of certain electronics. Silicon sputtering targets are commonly used in the production of silicon solar cells.

    Amerigo Scientific offers high-quality sputtering targets in a variety of diameters, purities, and thicknesses.

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