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    With the enhancement of environmental awareness, it has become a general trend to replace liquid acid base catalyst with solid acid base catalyst. Compared with liquid catalyst, solid catalyst has advantages such as stronger separation performance, fewer reaction by-products, less corrosion, more environmental protection, and continuous production.

    As an acidic or basic functional polymer, ion exchange resin has been widely used in esterification, hydrolysis, condensation, dehydration, carbonylation, hydrogenation and other reactions. Different types of resins are available as commercial catalysts, and their differences in polymer matrix, functional groups and final reaction behavior determine their catalytic activity and selectivity.

    Factors to be considered in selecting catalyst resins include resin type, temperature, dry weight capacity, catalyst porosity, and catalyst expansion/contraction. Amerigo Scientific offers catalyst resins that often used in chemical and petrochemical industries for chemical reactions with faster reaction time, higher yields, and higher product purity.

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    • Catalog Number: CR02110736SUN
    • Application: Bisphenol-A Synthesis
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    • Application: Bisphenol-A Synthesis
    • Catalog Number: CR02110733SUN
    • Application: Bisphenol-A Synthesis
    • Catalog Number: CR02110731SUN
    • Application: Catalysis
    • Catalog Number: CR02110730SUN
    • Application: Catalysis
    • Catalog Number: CR02110729SUN
    • Application: Catalysis
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    • Application: Catalysis
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