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    Many experiments in basic research or complex applications require the involvement of high quality and purity nucleic acids. These nucleic acids may be isolated from a variety of sources such as blood, cultured cells, microbes, or plant and animal tissues. As sample throughput expands, it becomes more difficult to ensure standardized processing in manual workflows. Differences between operators and comparability of results lead to repeatability may become an issue, and cumbersome operating procedures reduce the lab efficiency. Automatic nucleic acid purification instruments to extract and purify nucleic acid from cells, tissues and whole blood samples for sample preparation, gene expression, DNA/RNA analysis, PCR, and other processes, avoiding the risks of manual sample handling, so as to ensure greater consistency and reliability of molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics research, and better data quality overall. Magnetic bead-based systems and spin-column purification techniques are commonly used for automated nucleic acid extraction and purification. The magnetic bead-based method is a simple and convenient strategy for extracting RNA and genomic, plasmid, and mitochondrial DNA from samples via complementary hybridization. Functionalized magnetic beads can be coupled to suitable buffers systems for a rapid and efficient extraction procedure. The magnetic bead method can be used in batch processes with a variety of samples such as blood, tissues, and others, with the advantage of eliminating the need for repeated centrifugation, vacuum filtration, and column separation for washing and elution as well as organic solvents. Avoiding centrifugation steps could better maintain intact long fragments of genomic DNA.

    Flexible automated nucleic acid purification platform simplifies the nucleic acid isolation and purification process. Curate and consistent automated operations help to achieve uniformity in sample processing steps, and fewer manual handling reduces the threat of external contamination and sample carry-over risk. The use of automated nucleic acid extraction allows more samples to be processed at a faster rate, thereby improving throughput and making it possible to broaden the scope of the research by setting more test conditions or study participants. Compact benchtop purification systems could save lab space. In addition, automated systems with file software makes traceability and data management easy, and the extraction system with prepackaged reagent kits saves time. Automated nucleic acid extraction and purification can be combined with many intended applications to provide high purity nucleic acids for downstream applications, ensuring data consistency and reliability.

    Amerigo Scientific offers compact and flexible automated systems and instruments to facilitate the purification or isolation of nucleic acids of high quality and purity from a variety of sample sources.

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