Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has a wide range of applications in many biomedical fields, including forensics, genetic testing, diagnostics, food, and environmental testing. PCR components include purified nucleic acid template, deoxyribonucleotides (dNTPs), oligonucleotide primers, DNA polymerases, and other reagents.

At Amerigo Scientific, we provide a variety of DNA polymerases, dNTPs, buffers, and Master Mixes to flexibly meet the different needs of your PCR experiments.

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  • Size: 10 x 1ml
  • Catalog Number: PER1401029HIG
SCR0101; SCR0105; SCR0201; SCR0205
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: PER1401028HIG
PRK0101; PRK0105
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: PER1401027HIG
DN020; DN200; DN1010; DN1100
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: PER1388894GEN
  • Application: PCR
HSTQ004; HSTQ100
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: PER1388893GEN
  • Application: PCR
  • Size: 10 nmol
  • Catalog Number: PER1373780BIO
  • Size: 5 nmol
  • Catalog Number: PER1373779BIO
  • Size: set
  • Catalog Number: PER1373778BIO
  • Size: set
  • Catalog Number: PER1373777BIO
  • Size: set
  • Catalog Number: PER1373776BIO
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