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  • nanoXIM products for medical applications are synthetic bioactive hydroxyapatite (HAp) and tricalcium phosphate (TCP) nanomaterials that can be used to manufacture medical devices. These products are very similar to the mineral component of bone, having excellent biocompatibility and the capacity to form strong and stable chemical bonds with bone tissue. As a result of its nanostructure, nanoXIM materials mimic the surface characteristics present in natural hard tissues, improving their biological performance.

    Bone substitutes produced with nanoXIM hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate are the most promising synthetic material for bone regeneration due to their biocompatibility and osteopromotion.

    Once placed in the damaged bone area, nanoXIM easily binds to and integrates with the host tissue, inducing the native bone formation and growth. Simultaneously, the graft is resorbed by the natural remodeling process of the bone. In the end, the tissue will be completely reconstructed and the material replaced with native bone.

    Nano-hydroxyapatite for Medical Devices


    •  Injectable bone substitutes
    •  Implants
    •  Bone scaffolds
    •  3D Printing
    •  Granules

    Despite the good self-healing capacity of bone, spontaneous healing of bone injury defects larger than a certain size is not possible. Synthetic materials can overcome the disadvantages of the common treatment of bone defects - autologous bone transplantation.

    Synthetic materials do not require bone harvesting from the iliac crest, which is connected with significant comorbidity and follow-up operations. Not least is their unlimited availability that eliminates the need to maintain a bone bank and the complicated long-term tissue preservation issues.

    Product Range

    Product Name Size Inquiry
    nanoXIM HAp Pastes nanoXIM•HAp102: Hydroxyapatite 15±1.0 wt%
    nanoXIM•HAp103: Hydroxyapatite 30±3.0 wt%
    nanoXIM HAp Powders nanoXIM•HAp202: Particle size, D50 = 5.0±1.0 μm
    nanoXIM•HAp203: Particle size, D50 = 10.0±2.0 μm
    nanoXIM•HAp602: Particle size, d10 ≤ 5μm, d50 ≤ 15μm, d90 ≤ 25μm
    nanoXIM TCP Powder nanoXIM•TCP200: Particle size, D50 = 5.0±2.0μm Inquiry
    nanoXIM Granules nanoXIM•G1000: Particle range: 0.5 - 1.0mm
    nanoXIM•G2000: Particle range: 1.0 - 2.0mm

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