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    Antibiotics play a key role in the fight against bacterial and fungal infections, achieving antimicrobial activity by either interfering with cellular biosynthesis or disrupting cell membrane structures. Currently, antibiotics include chemically modified compounds naturally synthesized by microorganisms, as well as fully synthetic antibiotics that antagonize drug-resistant bacteria. Antibiotics not only can be used for basic research in biochemistry, chemistry, and microbiology, but also contribute to the development of downstream applications in drug discovery, agriculture, and husbandry, thus have a wide application prospects and values.

    Antibiotics have complex and diverse structures, which are demanding in terms of production conditions and modification processes. Rigorous synthesis systems ensure correct chemical structure and well biological activity. We offer a wide range of antibiotic products for characterization and analysis of structure, biological activity, and resistance mechanism. These antibiotic products include synthetic antibiotics oxazolidinones, as well as semi-synthetic antibiotics tetracyclines, glycopeptides, β-lactams and many other high purity chemistries.

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