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    Proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs) are small molecules formulated to discerningly degrade target proteins within cells. They encompass two fundamental constituents: a ligand that recognizes the desired target protein and a ligand that binds to an E3 ubiquitin ligase. The E3 ligase actively recruits the protein of interest (POI) to the intracellular degradation apparatus, thereby instigating the disintegration of target protein through the proteasome. PROTACs have exhibited promising efficacy in the selective degradation of diverse disease-associated proteins, including oncogenic proteins and resistant variants. PROTACs hold great potential for therapeutic applications in the treatment of myriad ailments, yet further scientific exploration and progression are requisite to surmount hurdles such as maximizing molecular design and refining selectivity.

    Amerigo Scientific offers PROTAC linkers, PROTAC target protein ligands, E3 ligase ligands, E3 ligase ligand-linker conjugates, target protein ligand-linker conjugates, and others. PROTACs-induced targeted protein degradation is an emerging therapeutic strategy with the potential to tackle disease-causing proteins.

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