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    Amerigo Scientific work with the ISO 9001 certified manufacturers who manufacture spherical monodisperse particles utilizing proprietary manufacturing processes. A range of chromatography media products, covering all scales of purification from research to process, are supplied for the purification of proteins, enzymes, antibodies, viruses, and other substances.

    According to the different separation mechanism, chromatography techniques are classified into four commonly used types. Amerigo Scientific supplies chromatography media including solid phase extraction adsorbents, silica gel and resins that specialize in affinity, hydrophobic interaction, ion exchange and gel filtration chromatography.

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    • Catalog Number: CM01442400KAN
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    • Catalog Number: CM01442399KAN
    KPA03-C001; -C005; -S600; -S600; -B025; -B500; -B05K; -B10K
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    • Catalog Number: CM01442398KAN
    KPA02-C001; C005; S200; S600; B025; B500; B05K; B10K
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    • Catalog Number: CM01442397KAN
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    • Catalog Number: CM01436881NAN
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    • Catalog Number: CM01436880NAN
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    • Catalog Number: CM01436879NAN
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