Liquid Handling

Liquid handling refers to the process of accurately and precisely dispensing, transferring, and mixing liquid, which is an important part of many experiments related to life sciences, especially genomic and proteomic studies. The type of liquid handling system used in the laboratory depends on the application and the volume of the liquid to be handled. These systems can be divided into manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems. Manual systems, including pipettes, micropipettes, and burettes, are the most commonly used style in the laboratory. These systems rely on the skill of the user to dispense and measure fluid precisely. Semi-automatic liquid handling systems are designed to incrementally scale up production and increase reproducibility by automating certain aspects of sample preparation. Instead of manually setting volumes of a pipette or keeping track of steps in a method, semi-automatic liquid handlers automate these aspects, often requiring only the user to move the manual probe from one container to another. Thus, these semi-automated systems allow for moderate throughput and higher reproducibility with less labor costs. Semi-automatic electronic pipettes are digitally optimized versions of handheld pipettes offer higher level of easy-to-use, flexibility, precision, and repeatability. An automatic system is a device for liquid handling through computer systems. One of its main features is the software that allows the user to perform different protocols on the system. Automated systems provide the highest level of accuracy and throughput, performing a large number of liquid handling tasks simultaneously. In addition, these systems minimize or eradicate contamination, reduce inconsistencies in sample yield and prepare uniform quantities. Some automatic systems have built-in heating/cooling, shaking or centrifugation components, or can be easily integrated with peripheral labware.

Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of reliable, accurate and stable liquid handling solutions ranging from manual pipettes, electronic pipette controllers to fully automated liquid handling workstations with multi-modules to meet the specific needs of different applications.

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