Nucleic acid electrophoresis is a widely used technique for separating DNA or RNA fragments by the mobilities of fragments in electrophoresis gels. Nucleic acid samples to be analyzed are loaded into gels, where an electric field induces the negatively charged nucleic acid molecules to migrate towards the positive pole. The charge, size and shape of a molecule affect its mobility rate. In addition, the type and percentage of gels, the ionic strength of the buffer, the concentration of dyes, and the type of instrument system used are also key factors affecting the migration of nucleic acids.

Electrophoresis Gels

Separation matrixes of nucleic acid electrophoresis

Nucleic Acid Stains

For visualization of nucleic acids

Nucleic Acid Standards

For determining the size of nucleic acids

Electrophoresis Systems

For the separation of nucleic acid mixtures

Gel Loading Dyes

For loading samples and tracking migration

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