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  • Ion exchange resin, also known as ion exchange polymer, is a functional polymer material containing ion exchange groups in the structure of cross-linked polymer microspheres. Ion exchange resin consists of three parts, including cross-linked polymer matrix, functional groups attached to the matrix, and the exchangeable ions of oppositely charged carried by the functional groups. Most resins are based on the typical polymer matrix of polystyrene-divinylbenzene. In addition, there are polyacrylic acid or polymethacrylic acid resins.

    Ion exchange resins are broadly divided in to two categories: cation exchange resins and anionic exchange resins. Cation exchange resins are further divided in to strong acid cation exchange resin and weak acid cation exchange resin. Anion exchange resins are further divided in to strong base cation resins and weak base cation resins. A specialized ion-exchange resin is called chelating resins used for the separation and enrichment of trace metals in chemical analysis. Iminodiacetate groups are introduced into the structure of chelating resins, which form chelated complexes with all metal elements except alkali metals, and the stability of the chelates varies with metals.

    Ion exchange resins as functional polymer materials have been widely applied in the fields of water treatment, metallurgy, medicine, food, and nuclear industries. Common uses of ion-exchange resins include ion substitution, acid-base catalysis, metal absorption, drug delivery, metallurgical regeneration, chemical synthesis, plant extraction, and wastewater treatment.

    Amerigo Scientific offers high-quality ion exchange resins, catalyst resins, adsorbent resins, peptide synthetic resins and other resins for a variety of applications in the water and waste water treatment, biotech, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

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