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    Gas chromatography (GC) columns are devices using chromatographic techniques to separate volatile compounds quickly and efficiently, including packed and capillary columns. Compared to conventional packed columns, capillary columns show extremely high separation performance due to low diffusion levels and good permeability, making them ideal for highly sensitive analytical detection. They can be used for rapid analysis of individual trace compounds, for impurity detection in petroleum and industry, and for determination of sample composition in pharmaceutical and clinical experiments.

    Amerigo Scientific offers capillary columns in a variety of lengths, internal diameters and coatings for most GC instrumentation and analytical needs. All products meet standard chromatographic parameters and column performance. We guarantee the quality of key properties such as column efficiency, polarity, surface inertness and thermal stability.

    Our GC capillary columns consist of a thin fused silica glass or stainless steel tube in which the stationary phase is chemically bonded layers or coated on the inner surface of the column. Our fused silica column materials, which are inert and flexible, allow for high performance separations and easy handling. Besides, the stationary phase directly determines the efficiency and polarity of the column, which contains ten types of stationary phases, from non-polar to strongly polar.

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