Bioprocess Systems and Accessories

Bioprocess systems and accessories include instruments and their corresponding accessories, replacement parts, and other products that support and facilitate a variety of bioprocesses. These bioprocess systems are integrated systems for bioprocess production, including equipment, process controls, sensors, automation systems, and related ancillary facilities. The systems are used to culture and process biological materials for biological production, such as biopharmaceuticals, enzymes, antibodies, and so on.

Bioprocess containers (BPCs), also known as single-use bioreactors, are the most important part of bioprocess systems. They are flexible, aseptic, and disposable containers used in bioprocessing for the cultivation of cells, the production of biological products, and for powder and liquid-handling applications in the biopharmaceutical industry. In bioprocess systems, BPCs play the role of loading and holding biological materials, providing a controlled and sterile environment for biological reactions and product production. BPCs show several advantages over traditional stainless-steel bioreactors, such as reduced cleaning and validation requirements, shorter setup times, and improved flexibility in facility design.

Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of disposable bioreactors, mixers, fermenters, and related auxiliary vessels to handle powder and liquid samples and improve the efficiency and product quality of production processes in areas such as bioengineering.

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