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    Membrane proteins are encoded by approximately 20% to 30% of genes in the genome and are also the targets of over 50% of drug actions. Membrane proteins are an integral part of molecular biology research. The functions of membrane proteins, including signal transduction, transport, cell adhesion and enzyme activity, are crucial to the survival of organisms.

    Amerigo Scientific offers membrane proteins from normal, diseased, and tumor tissues of human or other species as useful tools in the proteomics field. The membrane protein products can be used to accelerate gene expression analysis by identifying tumor- or disease-specific membrane proteins (e.g. cell signaling receptors) and genes.


    • Tumor- and disease-specific protein biomarker discovery
    • Electrophoresis and Western Blot
    • Immunoprecipitation and protein-protein interaction
    • Enzymatic activity analysis


    • Extensive quality control procedures to ensure high quality membrane proteins
    • Ready-to-use in many proteomics applications
    • Decontamination of polysaccharide, proteoglycan, RNase, and genomic DNA
    • Large selection of membrane protein fractions from tissue sources from a variety of species

    Quality Guarantee

    Our strict quality control procedures consistently ensure the structural integrity of membrane proteins with verification of protein expression on Western Blot.

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