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    A medical speculum is a device used by healthcare providers to examine hollow openings in the body, such as the vagina, anus, ears, or nasal passages. Using medical speculum makes the line of sight of physicians clearer and minimizes the time required to perform a particular procedure. Speculums are made of stainless steel or plastic. Metal devices are usually reusable and can be sterilized, while plastic ones are disposable. For ease of use, the shape design of different type of speculums varies according to the application. In addition, speculums are manufactured in different sizes to accommodate different body sizes.

    Vaginal speculums used in Pap smears, pelvic examinations and surgeries are probably the most well-known type of speculums. They have the same basic, bi-valve shape and the most common designs are the Graves speculums and the Pederson speculums. Eye speculums are used to separate the upper and lower eyelids during ophthalmic examinations and procedures. Ear speculums are devices attached to an otoscope used for surgeries and examinations of the inner ear, including self-retaining and spring style. Nasal speculums are commonly used to expose and retract tissue in the nasal passages for examination, removal of foreign objects and surgical procedures. Nasal speculums are made in various styles including with or without a set screw and with fenestrated or solid flanges. Anal speculums (also called rectal speculums) are used to open the anus opening to examine the rectum or perform anal surgeries. The design of different anal speculums differs in the presence of hard rubber obturator or made of all stainless steel, the presence of set screws and other features.

    Amerigo Scientific offers commonly used apparatuses in various size and shapes. Our vaginal speculums have been approved by the FDA and are widely recognized.

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