Cell culture is a versatile tool in life science research and refers to a laboratory method that enables the growth of eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells under carefully controlled conditions. These conditions generally consist of a suitable vessel with media, reagents, antibiotics and antimycotics, and gases. Factors affecting culture conditions need to be adjusted according to different cell types and experimental needs.

There is a wide range of high-quality products available to help with this process, including cell culture sera, media, and various reagents.

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  • Size: 3 mL/tube
  • Catalog Number: MAR1389119APO
  • Size: 10 mL/tube, 5 tubes/pack
  • Catalog Number: MAR1389118APO
  • Size: 10 mL/tube, 100 tubes/pack
  • Catalog Number: MAR1389117APO
UTM1000-100; UTM1000-400
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: MAR1388874GEN
  • Application: Sample Storage Buffer
PBS1000-100; PBS1000-400
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: MAR1388873GEN
  • Application: Sample Storage Buffer
SS1000-100; SS1000-400
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: MAR1388872GEN
  • Application: Sample Storage Buffer
FND500; FND100; FND050
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: MAR1388672EXC
FSP500; FSP100; FSP050
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: MAR1388671EXC
FSD500; FSD100; FSD050
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: MAR1388670EXC
FSS500; FSS100; FSS050
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: MAR1388669EXC
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