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  • Heparin is a linear high sulfate glycosaminoglycan with anticoagulant properties. Due to its polyanionic properties, heparin interacts with a variety of biomolecules, including plasma thrombin, lipoprotein lipase, collagenase, and DNA polymerase. Immobilized heparin has been widely used as adsorbent for affinity chromatography purification of biological substances.

    Amerigo Scientific offers the highly effective heparin affinity resin uniheparin-65L, a monodisperse cross-linked polymethacrylate matrix with excellent surface hydrophilic properties. Uniheparin-65L has optimum pore size and ligand coupling chemistry for competitive binding ability. In addition, the resins with superior mechanical strength are suitable for fast flow operations. Uniheparin-65L is ideal for bioprocessing purification and SPE sample preparation due to its robust performance. In addition to Uniheparin-65L, we also offer an agarose-based heparin affinity resin product, NM90 Agarose Heparin.

    Heparin Affinity Chromatography Resins


    Product Name Cat. No. Particle Diameter Size
    UniGel-65Heparin UniGel-65Heparin 65 μm 30mL; 100mL; 1L
    NM90 Agarose Heparin NM90AgaroseHeparin 90 μm 30mL; 100mL; 1L


    Characteristics UniGel-65Heparin NM90 Agarose Heparin
    Matrix Monodisperse crosslinked polymethacrylate resin Highly crosslinked agarose resin
    Affinity Ligand Heparin Heparin
    Particle Size ~65 µm ~90 µm
    Ligand Density ~3 mg/ml ~5 mg/ml
    pH Range 4-12 4-12
    Maximum Pressure 0.8 MPa 0.3 MPa

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