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    Standard measurement and analytical methods in various fields are essential to obtain accurate and reliable results. Reference methods, reference measurement procedures, and reference materials ensure the quality and comparability of specific measurements. Reference materials are substances that are sufficiently homogeneous and stable with respect to specific properties that have been established to be suitable for their measurement or analytical use. Reference materials are widely used in standardization processes in the chemical and biological fields. For chemical analysis, reference materials can be divided into pure reference materials and matrix reference materials. Pure reference materials include high purity materials and standard gases or solutions. Common standard solutions include pH standard solutions, inorganic standard solutions, and organic standard solutions. Matrix reference materials include all reference materials other than pure reference materials, such as metal reference materials, inorganic reference materials, environmental reference materials, polymer reference materials, and clinical reference materials.

    Reference materials are primarily used to calibrate analytical instruments and measurement equipment, assign values to other substances, validate laboratory instruments and experimental procedures, and verify technical details such as internal and external quality control. The quality and purity of reference materials are crucial to determine scientifically valid results. In addition, appropriate reference materials need to be selected according to the purpose of use. Amerigo Scientific provides a wide range of reference materials including AAS standards, ICP standards, spectroscopy standards, cross reference standards, matrix material standards, etc.

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