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    Strong base anion (SBA) exchange resin is one type of ion exchange resins containing quaternary ammonium groups on the microsphere surfaces. The SBA resin shows an excellent physical and chemical stability, which is capable to exchange the different anion under a wide range of pH value. SBA resins are ideal for removing certain anionic contaminants and can be regenerated with salt.

    SBA resins are usually divided into two classes according to their functional groups. Type I SBA resins are aminated with trimethylamine resulting a trimethyl ammonium group. Type II SBA resins are aminated with dimethyl-ethanolamine resulting a dimethylethanol ammonium group. Type I SBA resins provide lower total organic carbon (TOC) effluents than type II SBA resins because of the stronger chemical stability of type I resins. In addition, type I SBA resins are ideal when the goal is to achieve low silicon leakage because type I SBA resins can be regenerated at the high temperatures required for silicon to eluate from the resins. However, type II SBA resins have better regeneration efficiencies and higher operating capacities than type I SBA resins and are more suitable for applications needing good rinsing performance and excellent regeneration efficiency.

    Amerigo Scientific offers high-quality SBA resins for demineralization, dealkalization, desilication, metal extraction, sugar purification, removal of TOC or other organics in water treatment, etc.

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    • Catalog Number: SBAE110834SUN
    • Application: Condensate Polishing
    • Catalog Number: SBAE110833SUN
    • Application: Condensate Polishing
    • Catalog Number: SBAE110832SUN
    • Application: Condensate Polishing
    • Catalog Number: SBAE110831SUN
    • Application: Condensate Polishing
    • Catalog Number: SBAE110830SUN
    • Application: Condensate Polishing
    • Catalog Number: SBAE110829SUN
    • Application: Industrial Demineralization
    • Catalog Number: SBAE110828SUN
    • Application: Industrial Demineralization
    • Catalog Number: SBAE110827SUN
    • Application: Industrial Demineralization
    • Catalog Number: SBAE110826SUN
    • Application: Industrial Demineralization
    • Catalog Number: SBAE110825SUN
    • Application: Industrial Demineralization
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