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    Flow imaging microscopy, also known as flow imaging particle analyzer, is designed to combine the benefits of flow cytometry and microscopy in one instrument to performs three functions, including examining fluids under a microscope, taking magnified images of particles in the fluid, and characterizing the particles using a variety of measurement methods.

    Digital images of particles are used by flow imaging microscopes and particle analyzers to measure particles’ size and shape. Samples containing particle flow through light microscopes, and thousands of particle images are captured per second. As each frame in the field of view is captured, the particle images are extracted from the background in real time by professional software and stored. At the same time, all of these measurements, from basic shape measurements such as equivalent spherical diameter (ESD), aspect ratio and volume, to advanced morphology measurements such as roundness, elongation and perimeter, are recorded in a spreadsheet of each particle image.

    Flow imaging microscopy provides more detailed and accurate results than traditional volumetric techniques like flow cytometry, laser diffraction, and light obscuration. Flow imaging microscopy has a wide range of applications, including studying microbial life in oceans to understand the key processes that drive this ecosystem, analyzing biopharmaceutical to assess the stability of formulations, quality control of food ingredients where particle shape affects taste and texture, and more.

    Amerigo Scientific offers flow imaging microscopes that measure more than 40 different parameters for each microscopic particle to ensure that different particles are correctly distinguished in a fluid medium. Our flow imaging microscopes and particle analyzers present specific records of each particle in the form of its image that can be viewed directly, enabling the data to be easily understood and correctly interpreted.

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