Mixed bed ion exchange resins are usually used in the water purification industry for polishing process water to achieve demineralized water quality such as after a reverse osmosis system. As the name suggests, the mixed bed resins are a mixture of strongly acidic cation exchange and strongly basic anion exchange resins.

Amerigo Scientific offers different ratios of cation and anion component resins to perform well in any system for any applications. Several of these mixed bed resins are available with indicators that facilitate the operation because of color change when exhaustion. Typical applications of mixed bed ion exchange resins include industrial demineralization, nuclear power industry water purification, ultra-pure water demineralization, condensate polishing, etc.

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  • Catalog Number: MBIE110763SUN
  • Application: Industrial demineralization
  • Catalog Number: MBIE110762SUN
  • Application: Industrial demineralization
  • Catalog Number: MBIE110767SUN
  • Application: Indicator Mixed Bed Resin
  • Catalog Number: MBIE110764SUN
  • Application: Industrial demineralization
  • Catalog Number: MBIE110768SUN
  • Application: Indicator Mixed Bed Resin
  • Catalog Number: MBIE110757SUN
  • Application: Ultral Pure Water demineralization
  • Catalog Number: MBIE110765SUN
  • Application: Industrial demineralization
  • Catalog Number: MBIE110769SUN
  • Application: Indicator Mixed Bed Resin
  • Catalog Number: MBIE110766SUN
  • Application: Industrial demineralization
  • Catalog Number: MBIE110755SUN
  • Application: Ultral Pure Water Final Polishing

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