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    Viruses, as naturally evolved infectious agents, are efficient vectors with the highest transfection efficiency. Virus-mediated transfection (also known as transduction) provides a method for overexpression or knockdown of proteins in hard-to-transfect cell types. Viral vectors are commonly used for both research and clinical gene therapy applications owing to their high in vivo transfection efficiency and sustained gene expression due to their integration into the host genome. However, the translation from bench to bedside has been hampered by the disadvantages of transduction, such as the size limitation of the payload, inherent immunogenicity and cytotoxicity, high costs, and the difficulty of large-scale production.

    A standard transduction protocol involves engineering of transgenic recombinant viruses, amplification of recombinant viral particles (or virions) in a packaging cell line, purification and titration of amplified viral particles, and infection of cells of interest. Once the target gene has been cloned into a transfer vector, you need to use a virus packaging system to produce virions. Amerigo Scientific offers viral packing systems with high quality, high titer, and tropism versatility for retroviral or lentiviral transfer vectors. These packaging systems contain all the viral proteins required for transcription and packaging of your expression cassette into recombinant viral particles.

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