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    A molecular glue is a small chemical molecule that mediates the interactions between proteins. When a molecular glue binds to the target protein, the molecule itself and some residues of the target protein can form a binding region to mediate the binding between the target protein and the recruitment protein. Subsequently, this complex induces changes in a range of biological functions, such as protein degradation, complex stabilization, interactome regulation, or transporter inhibition. When used for targeted protein degradation, molecular glues enable ubiquitin ligases to bind to new target proteins (often referred to as novel substrates). Molecular glue and proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC) are collectively referred to as targeted protein degradation technology. The difference between the two is that the former is a single-functional small molecule compound and the latter is a multifunctional small molecule compound. Molecular glues, an evolving class of compounds, have emerged as indispensable tools in various research fields, particularly in understanding protein interactions and cell biology.

    Amerigo Scientific offers molecular glues that enable researchers to expand the scope and depth of research, empowering researchers with advanced tools for their scientific pursuits, catalyzing discoveries and breakthroughs in molecular and cell biology.

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