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    Oligonucleotides are widely used in gene cloning and synthesis, disease treatment or diagnosis, biomolecular detection and so on. In these studies, modified synthetic DNA could broaden its potential applications. Modified oligonucleotides can overcome, or at least partially overcome, the problems faced using synthetic unmodified oligonucleotides, such as difficulty in crossing lipophilic cell membranes, rapid cleaved by nucleases, and unstable complexes formed under physiological conditions.

    There are several potential sites in DNA where modifications can be introduced, including the sugar, base, and phosphate skeletons of these molecules and the 3'- and 5'- ends. A large number of structurally modified nucleic acid analogues have been introduced into the development of probes as effective and selective therapeutics and diagnostics. Incorporation of modified purines and pyrimidines has been used to optimize DNA-protein interactions and sequence recognition of many proteins and enzymes, such as inhibitory proteins, restriction endonucases, modification enzymes, and promoters. Amerigo Scientific offers a wide variety of modified DNA phosphoramidites and supports with high level quality and reliability for oligonucleotide synthesis needs.

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