Laboratory Pumps

Laboratory pumps are highly precise, reliable, and efficient instruments used in various scientific research applications. These pumps are designed to handle small volumes of fluids in controlled environments with a high degree of accuracy and precision to ensure the reliability of the experimental results. Laboratory pumps are designed to operate in sterile or temperature-controlled environments and can handle various types of fluids, including corrosive or viscous substances. In addition, laboratory pumps are typically compact and lightweight compared to industrial-grade pumps, making them suitable for laboratory environments where space is limited. Various types of lab pumps such as peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pumps, and syringe pumps, have distinct features and different applications.

Peristaltic pumps are the most widely used pumps and can handle a wide range of fluids. The fluid is contained in a hose inside a circular pump housing that can operate on the peristaltic principle. By alternately contracting and relaxing the muscles of the tube wall, the peristaltic pump pushes the fluid in one direction, thus transferring the fluid accurately.

Diaphragm pumps transfer fluids by the reciprocating motion of a rubber or thermoplastic diaphragm, combined with valves on either side of the diaphragm. Since diaphragm pumps are completely sealed and have no moving parts, they can be used to pump hazardous and toxic substances.

The syringe pump is composed of the stepper motor, screw holder, and other components. The sample is held inside the syringe, and then the stepper motor squeezes the piston for injection and extraction, and other work modes. Syringe pumps with high precision, programmable control, durable stability, and automation are often used to deliver precise volumes of fluid, meeting the need for precise fluid control in research and improving the reliability and accuracy of experimental results.

Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of pumps for laboratory applications to meet the varying needs of laboratories, such as accurate control of dispensing and feeding of samples, reagents, or standard solutions, as well as in vitro or in vivo drug delivery studies.

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