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High quality laboratory consumables are essential for life science research, allowing scientists and researchers to carry out experiments and analyses effectively. Common laboratory consumables include pipettes, pipette tips, falcon tubes, test tubes, cryogenic vials, beakers, funnels, filter paper, plates, etc. Laboratory consumables are usually made of materials such as plastic, glass, or metal. Plastic consumables are commonly used because of their low cost, light weight, and ease of transport. By number of uses, lab consumables can be divided into single-use consumables and reusable consumables. Disposable consumables such as plastic falcon tubes, pipette tips, gloves, and filter paper, help to prevent contamination between experiments and ensure accurate and reproducible results. Reusable consumables are typically made from materials that are durable, non-reactive and can withstand multiple uses before needing to be replaced. For example, glass beakers and funnels, and stainless-steel freezer storage racks are reusable consumables. Various consumables such as vials, test tubes, and microplates are commonly used to store samples or compounds. Plastic microplates in different sizes, color, number of holes, and shapes are often used as vessels for analyzing, screening, and storing samples. Lab consumables used for analysis include syringes, graduated cylinders, pipette, etc. Glass beakers and flasks with excellent transparency, corrosion resistance and heat resistance can be used for accurate measurement of liquids, mixing of solutions, or as vessels for heating liquids. Pipettes in different sizes and volumes are common consumables used for repeated measurements and transfer of small amounts of liquid. There are also many lab consumables for specialized applications, such as culture dishes for growing cells, centrifuge tubes for centrifuges, and cryogenic vials for storing biological materials.

Reliability and accuracy are key characteristics of lab consumables, and ergonomic design is the guarantee of safe, comfortable, and efficient work. Amerigo Scientific provides a wide selection of quality laboratory consumables to keep your lab running efficiently and effectively. Our consumables include pipettes, petri dishes, beakers, test tubes, cuvettes, glassware, etc., which can be used for a variety of applications.

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