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Labelling samples accurately is very important in a laboratory environment. Labeling facilitates fast and efficient workflow because a label provides sample identification including sample content, expiration date, and other laboratory elements. One of the most important reasons to use labels in the laboratory is to ensure laboratory safety. The label records the contents of the sample to ensure that researchers use the correct materials and use them properly, especially as the sample contain potentially dangerous chemicals and other special substances. The special ingredient information and storage date recorded on the label facilitate the proper storage of the sample under certain temperatures and other conditions and use within the expiry period. Accurate labeling helps to preserve experimental materials, save time and cost, and prevent accidents.

The use of high-performance laboratory labeling systems can reduce the need to manually label samples in the laboratory and reduce labeling errors. Specialized laboratory labeling is essential for various fields such as environmental, agricultural, chemical, and biotechnology laboratories. Laboratory labeling machine can print labels that must be durable enough to withstand harsh environments, such as high temperature, extreme cold, wet, or dry environments. The ability of labels to maintain adherence during freezing, cryogenic storage, or autoclaving is as important as maintaining data accuracy on these labels.

Amerigo Scientific offers easy-to-use label printers and durable label materials for laboratory labeling. With various sizes, colors and material combinations, our labelers are ideal for label identification of a wide range of laboratory vessels such as centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, cell culture plates, slides, and reagent bottles.

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