Container Closure Integrity Test Equipment

Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) throughout the product lifecycle has become increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry over the years. Container closure integrity is an important factor in maintaining the sterility and stability of the drug product inside the container. Automated machines provide an efficient means of performing 100% non-destructive testing of all units (even large batches) to ensure final product quality. The existing vacuum decay test and pressure decay test essentially use air (or a specific gas) as the detection medium to indirectly judge whether the packaging container is qualified. Therefore, the impact of fluctuations in ambient temperature, humidity, and air pressure on the detection medium will directly affect the judgment of the test results.

Amerigo Scientific provides container closure integrity test equipment using adopts temperature compensation calculation, air pressure calibration technology, and constant volume gas control technology to minimize the influence of external environmental factors. Our LeakScan series of vacuum/pressure decay test equipment can not only accurately characterize various positive controls, but also directly calculate the leakage rate. Our equipment provide vacuum decay, pressure decay, HVLD, and offline/inline methods to test the integrity of most containers/packages.

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