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Heat sealers are machines used for sealing packaging, products, and other thermoplastic materials with heat. Laboratory heat sealers create secure, tight seals to eliminate sample loss through evaporation and cross contamination. The evaluation of heat seal performance is based on the strength of the heat seal, and the parameters include the heat seal temperature, dwell time and heat seal pressure. The timer of the heat sealer is used to set the length of time that sealing bar take to contact with the sample. The materials to be sealed may have different melting points, thermal stability, fluidity, and thickness, which can affect the heat sealing performance. Advanced laboratory heat sealers can help to determine the sealing performance and characteristics of plastic and laminated materials, with controllable temperature, adjustable sealing pressure and other functions to achieve high sealing performance.

Amerigo Scientific provides compact laboratory heat sealers that are ergonomically designed to be easy to maintain and operate, reducing the operator strain and the overall effort required.

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