CaroteNature was founded in 2000 with a focus on the production of high standard carotenoids for analytical purposes for researchers around the world. The catalog includes almost 100 different carotenoids, most of which are uniquely available from CaroteNature. These high-quality carotenoid products are sold to several laboratories around the world that are renowned for their carotenoid research.


Carotenoids are the most widely distributed pigments in nature ranging in color from yellow to red and are synthesized by plants and photosynthetic microorganisms. Carotenoids are 40 carbon highly unsaturated hydrocarbons derived from tetraterpenes (C40) and are divided into two groups: first, carotenes, which contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms (e.g., α-carotene, β-carotene, γ-carotene, phytoene, and lycopene), and a second group, xanthophylls, which contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen on their molecule structure. More than 1000 carotenoids have been identified.

Only plants, algae, and some species of fungi and bacteria synthesize carotenoids that must be provided in the diet of animals, since they are important substances on vertebrates’ health and development. Carotenoids are thought to reduce the risk of disease, particularly cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, and eye diseases. The most studied carotenoids in this regard are astaxanthin, canthaxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, β-carotene, and lycopene. The beneficial effects of carotenoids are due to their role as antioxidants by reacting with free radicals, including singlet oxygen and peroxyl radicals.

Because of their ubiquitous occurrence, different functions, and special properties, carotenoids are the subject of interdisciplinary research in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, medicine, physics, etc. Effective quantitation of carotenoids in both foods and biological samples is necessary.

A large number of carotenoids are available on request, including various (Z)-isomers, apocarotenoids, stereoisomers and esters. Click here for more product information.

>> High Standard of Carotenoids for Analytical Purposes

The carotenoids are prepared either by extraction from natural sources or by chemical synthesis. Samples are supplied in sealed ampoules, under nitrogen, to ensure stability. Usually, purity (HPLC, % area) is ≥ 95%.

Whenever possible, they are supplied in crystalline form with the exception of (E/Z)-phytoene and (E/Z)-phytofluene which are oily at ambient temperature. All compounds are fully characterized and analytical data (HPLC, UV/Vis spectra) as a Data Sheet, as well as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS or MSDS) are provided with the samples.

CAT. NO. Product Name Alternative Name Inquiry
No. 0003 β-Carotene β,β-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0003.1 (9Z)-β-Carotene (9Z)-β,β-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0003.2 (13Z)-β-Carotene (13Z)-β,β-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0007 α-Carotene (6'R)-β,ε-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0007.1 (rac.)-α-Carotene (6'RS)-β,ε-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0011 (E/Z)-Torulene 3',4'-Didehydro-β,ψ-carotene Inquiry >
No. 0012 γ-Carotene β,ψ-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0013 β-Zeacarotene 7',8'-Dihydro-β,ψ-carotene Inquiry >
No. 0020 ε-Carotene (6R,6'R)-ε,ε-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0021 (6R)-δ-Carotene (6R)-ε,ψ-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0021.1 (rac.)-δ-Carotene (6RS)-ε,ε-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0031 Lycopene ψ,ψ-Carotene Inquiry >
No. 0034 Neurosporene 7,8-Dihydro-ψ,ψ-carotene Inquiry >
No. 0038 ξ-Carotene 7,8,7',8'-Tetrahydro-ψ,ψ-carotene Inquiry >
No. 0042 (E/Z)-Phytofluene 7,8,11,12,7',8'-Hexahydro-ψ,ψ-carotene Inquiry >
No. 0044 (E/Z)-Phytoene 7,8,11,12,7',8',11,12'-Octahydro-ψ,ψ-carotene Inquiry >
No. 0054 Anhydrolutein III (3R)-3',4'-Didehydro-β,β-caroten-3-ol Inquiry >
No. 0055 β-Cryptoxanthin (3R)-β,β-Caroten-3-ol Inquiry >
No. 0055.3 β-Cryptoxanthin palmitate (3R)-3-βalmitoxy-β,β-carotene Inquiry >
No. 0057.1 Anhydrolutein I (3R,6'R)-3',4'-Didehydro-β,γ-caroten-3-ol Inquiry >
No. 0059.1 Anhydrolutein II (3R,6'R)-2',3'-Didehydro-β,ε-caroten-3-ol Inquiry >
No. 0060 Zeinoxanthin (3R,6'R)-β,ε-Caroten-3-ol Inquiry >
No. 0072 Rubixanthin (3R)-β,ψ-Caroten-3-ol Inquiry >
No. 0119 Zeaxanthin, (3R,3'R) (3R,3'R)-β,β-Carotene-3,3'-diol Inquiry >
No. 0123 (rac./meso)-Zeaxanthin dimethyl ether (3RS,3'RS)-3,3'-Dimethoxy-β,β-carotene Inquiry >
No. 0129 (rac./meso)-lsozeaxanthin (4RS,4'RS)‐β,β‐Carotene‐4,4'‐diol Inquiry >
No. 0133 Lutein Xanthophyll,(3R,3'R,6'R)-β,ε-Carotene-3,3'-diol; contains ca. 5% Zeaxanthin Inquiry >
No. 0133.1 Lutein (Zeaxanthin-free) (3R,3'R,6'R)-β,ε-Carotene-3,3'-diol Inquiry >
No. 0137 3'-Epilutein (3R,3'S,6'R)-β,ε-Carotene-3,3'-diol Inquiry >
No. 0149 Tunaxanthin (3RS,6RS,3'RS,6'RS)-ε,ε-Carotene-3,3'-diol Inquiry >
No. 0169 Dihydroxylycopene 1,2,1',2'-Tetrahydro-ψ,ψ-carotene-1,1'-diol Inquiry >
No. 0213 β-Carotene 5,6-epoxide (5R5,6RS)-5,6-Epoxy-5,6-dihydro-β,β-carotene Inquiry >
No. 0231 Antheraxanthin (35,5R,65,3'R)-5,6-Epoxy-5,6-dihydro--β,β-carotene-3,3'-diol Inquiry >
No. 0232 Lutein epoxide (3S,5R,6S,3'R,6'R)-5,6-Epoxy-5,6-dihydro-β,ε-carotene-3,3'-diol Inquiry >
No. 0234.2 Neoxanthin (9'Z,3S,5R,6R,3'S,5'R,6'S)-5',6'-Epoxy-6,7-didehydro-5,6,5',6'-tetrahydro-β,β-carotene-3,5,3'-triol Inquiry >
No. 0238.3 Cucurbitaxanthin A (3R,3'S,5'R,6'R)-3',6'-Epoxy-5',6'-dihydro-β,β-carotene-3,5'-diol Inquiry >
No. 0245 Mutatoxanthin (35,5R,8RS,3'R)-5,8-Epoxy-5,8-dihydro-β,β-carotene-3,3'-diol; mixture of epimers Inquiry >
No. 0259 Violaxanthin (3S,5R,6S,3'S,5'R,6'S)-5,6:5',6'-Diepoxy-5,6,5',6'-tetrahydro-β,β-carotene-3,3'-diol Inquiry >
No. 0283 Echinenone β,β-Caroten-4-one Inquiry >
No. 0294 (rac.)-3-Hydroxyechinenone (3RS)-3-Hydroxy-β,β-caroten-4-one Inquiry >
No. 0295.1 Asteroidenone (3'R)-3'-Hydroxy-β,β-caroten-4-one Inquiry >
No. 0296 (rac.)-4'-Hydroxyechinenone (4'RS)-4'-Hydroxy-β,β-caroten-4-one Inquiry >
No. 0302 3'-Dehydrolutein (3R,6'R)-3-Hydroxy-β,ε-caroten-3'-one Inquiry >
No. 0319 Spheroidenone 1-Methoxy-3,4-didehydro-1,2,7',8'-tetrahydro-ψ,ψ-caroten-2-one Inquiry >
No. 0328 (3S,3'R)-Adonixanthin (35,3'R)-3,3'-Dihydroxy-β,β-caroten-4-one Inquiry >
No. 0335 Capsanthin (3R,3'S,5'R)-3,3'-Dihydroxy-β,κ-caroten-6'-one Inquiry >
No. 0349 Idoxanthin (3R5,3'RS,4'RS)-Trihydroxy-β,β-caroten-4-one Inquiry >
No. 0369 Fucoxanthin (35,5R,65,3'S,5'R,6'R)-5,6-Epoxy-3'-ethanoyloxy-3,5'- dihydroxy-6',7'-didehydro- 5,6,7,8,5',6'-hexahydro-β,β-caroten-8-one Inquiry >
No. 0380 Canthaxanthin β,β-Carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0380.1 (9Z)-Canthaxanthin (9Z)-β,β-Carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0380.2 (13Z)-Canthaxanthin (13Z)-β,β-Carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0391.1 (rac.)-Adonirubin (3RS)-3-Hydroxy-β,β-carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0391.2 (3R)-Adonirubin (3R)-3-Hydroxy-β,β-carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0398 Astacene 3,3'-Dihydroxy-2,3,2',3'-tetradehydro-β,β-carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0400.1 (rac./meso)-7,8,7',8'-Tetradehydroastaxanthin (3RS,3'RS)-3,3'-Dihydroxy-7,8,7',8' tetradehydro-β,β-carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0403 (rac./meso)-Astaxanthin (3RS,3'RS)-3,3'-Dihydroxy-β,β-carotene-4,4'-dione; mixture of diastereoisomers Inquiry >
No. 0406 Astaxanthin, (3S,3'S) (35,3'S)-3,3'-Dihydroxy-β,β-carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0413 Capsorubin (35,5R,3'S,5'R)-3,3'-Dihydroxy-κ,κ-carotene-6,6'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0424 Rhodoxanthin 4',5'-Didehydro-4,5'-retro-β,β-carotene-3,3'-dione Inquiry >
No. 0428 Torularhodin 3',4'-Didehydro-β,ψ-caroten-16'-oic acid Inquiry >
No. 0466 Citranaxanthin 5',6'-Dihydro-5'-apo-18'-nor-β-caroten-6'-one Inquiry >
No. 0482 8'-Apo-β-carotenal 8'-Apo-β-caroten-8'-al Inquiry >
No. 0483 β-Citraurin (3R)-3-Hydroxy-8'-apo-β-caroten-8'-al Inquiry >
No. 0499 10'-Apo-β-carotenal 10'-Apo-β-caroten-10'-al Inquiry >
No. 0524 4,4'-Diapo-lycopenedial 4,4'-Diapo-ψ,ψ-carotene-4,4'-dial Inquiry >
No. 0532 Norbixin (9Z)-6,6'-Diapocarotene-6,6'-dioic acid Inquiry >
No. 0533 Bixin 6-Methyl hydrogen (9Z)-6,6'-diapocarotene- 6,6'-dioate Inquiry >
No. 0536 Crocetindial 8,8'-Diapocarotene-8,8'-dial Inquiry >
No. 0538 Crocetin 8,8'-Diapocarotene-8,8'-dioic acid Inquiry >
No. 0562 β-Carotenone 5,6,5',6'-Diseco-β,β-carotene-5,6,5',6'-tetrone Inquiry >
No. 1007 4,4'-Diapo-lycopenedioic acid 4,4,-Diapo-ψ,ψ-carotene-4,4'-dioicacid Inquiry >
No. 1013 4'-Apo-β-carotenal 4'-Apo-β-caroten-4'-al Inquiry >
No. 1016 (rac./meso)-Astaxanthin dipalmitate (3RS,3'RS)-3,3'-Dihexadecanoyloxy-β,β-carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
No. 1017 (rac.Reso)-Astaxanthin monopalmitate (3RS,3'RS)-3-Hexadecanoyloxy-P,β-carotene-4,4'-dione Inquiry >
Nr. 0126 Zeaxanthin dipalmitate (3R,3'R)-3,3'-Dihexadecanoyloxy-β,β-carotene Inquiry >
Nr. 0135 Lutein dipalmitate Helenien,(3R,3'R,6'R)-3,3'-Dihexadecanoyloxy-β,ε-carotene Inquiry >

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