UniPS® 30-300

UniPS® 30-300

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      • Overview
        • Reverse phase chromatography (RPC) resins are important alternatives to silica-based RPC media as they have different selectivity, high capacity and wide pH stability range. UniPS®, UniPMN, and UniPMM are the major components of our polymeric RPC bulk media product lines. All of them are monodispersed, rigid divinylbenzene or methacrylic copolymer beads developed with proprietary precision microsphere technologies. They are designed for high resolution and high capacity RPC purification of a wide range of materials, from natural products, peptides, oligonucleotides to large proteins.

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      • Properties
        • Categories
          Reversed Phase Chromatography Resins
          Particle Diameter
          30 μm
          Pore Size
          300 Å
      • Applications
        • Application Description
          UniPS®, UniPSN, and UniPMM resins have been mainly applied in preparative RPC purification of peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins, and natural products, while UniPS® products of small particle sizes (especially the non-porous resins) have been used as analytical chromatography matrices. In addition, these high performance chromatography media have also seen applications as reverse phase solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbents. Due to their superior pH stability and unique selectivity, these polymeric RPC products are especially suitable for RPC purification requiring high pH operation or selectivity alternative to that of silica-based RPC media.

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