Peroxidase RZ > 1.0, > 100 U/mg Pyrogallol Source : Horseradish

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    • Overview
      • Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) is used in a wide range of liquid clinical chemistry reagents, dry powder reagents and test strips. It is also commonly used as a label in immunoassays such as ELISA, and in blotting and histochemistry. Once conjugated to antibodies, antigens, or streptavidin, its rapid turnover rate gives high sensitivity over short incubation times. Peroxidase conjugates may give higher backgrounds than other enzyme conjugates, hence extra blocking steps, e.g. the introduction of APO Peroxidase, may be necessary. It can be used with a variety of substrates producing precipitated or soluble chromogens, or with chemiluminescent and fluorogenic substrates for enhanced sensitivity.
        BBI Solutions (BBI) is the world’s leading producer of HRP and has supplied the diagnostics industry with this key enzyme for over 40 years. Our facilities process over 2 tonnes of horseradish root per day which gives you the flexibility to order in volumes from grams to kilograms. Our many commercial partners have come to rely on BBI for consistent production of high quality products for clinical chemistry and immunoassay applications, using our optimised purification procedures.

        Please contact us at  for specific academic pricing.

    • Properties
      • Source
        Horseradish roots from USA or SA origin
        A brown to red-brown-coloured, salt-free, freeze-dried powder.
        ≥100 U/mg material Pyrogallol

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