Hyaluronidase >400 U/mg Source : Ovine testes

Hyaluronidase >400 U/mg Source : Ovine testes

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    • Overview
      • Testicular hyaluronidase is a typical glucosidase having both endohexosaminidase and transglycosidase activity. Substrates are hyaluronic acid and also chondroitin sulphate A andC. Products of hydrolysis are a series of oligosaccharides, mainly tetrasaccharides. Hyaluronidase is often used in conjunction with collagenase to dissociate the extracellular matrix between cells of animal tissue, in order to release viable cells for use in tissue culture. It may also be used to clarify synovial fluids in order to make cell counts possible.

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    • Properties
      • Source
        Ovine Testes
        White to yellowish, amorphous salt-free, freeze-dried powder
        ≥400 U/mg

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