SHINCARBON A, Carbon Supports

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      • Overview
        • SHINCARBON A is a highly purified carbon support for GC manufactured by firing a synthetic polymer, which is then highly deactivated. This product is highly heat and water resistant.

          · This carbon support is highly deactivated, and is extremely stable both physically and chemically. Polar compounds such as alcohols and fatty acids are not adsorbed on its surface.
          · SHINCARBON A's stationary phase retention and separation capabilities are comparable with diatomaceous earth supports.
          · As it consists of 100% carbon, it can be used at high temperatures under inert gas atmospheres.
          · As this material is a vitreous carbon, it possesses high mechanical strength and does not generate fine particles. This results in high carrier gas permeabilities, lower column pressures, and improved separation efficiencies.
          · As this is a chemically synthesized product rather than a natural product like diatomaceous earth, there are no deviations between lots.

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          Carbon Supports
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          SHINCARBON A can be used for analyses of aqueous solutions containing substances with low to high boiling points, and trace amounts of polar substances in air, which cannot be analyzed using diatomaceous earth, terephthalic acid and or teflon supports.

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