S-AgAu SERS Substrates

S-AgAu SERS Substrates

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      • Overview
        • S-AgAu SERS platform is made of an ITO glass coated with silver and gold nanoparticles. S-substrates have dimensions dedicated to 96-well plates and give excellent (ppm to ppb, even ppt) enhancement after compound deposition in a small volume of analyzed solution. Therefore they are perfect for microfluidic systems and biosensors and can be used in diagnostic, forensics, and life science research.

          The SERS substrates nanostructure provides signal uniformity over the entire active surface for SERS. This makes the obtained results reproducible and reliable.

          We offer two kinds of active surfaces - hydrophilic and hydrophobic substrates, giving specificity to the analyzed samples.
          · Hydrophilic substrates works excellent with aqueous solutions and are dedicated for life science and medical research.
          · Hydrophobic substrates are perfect for alcohol-based solutions. Note that hydrophobic substrates are also suitable for aqueous solutions, but we suggest to immerse them in 70% ethanol first.

          Please contact us at for specific academic pricing.

      • Properties
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          SERS Substrates
          Other Properties
          Dimensions: 3.5 × 3.5 × 0.7 mm (width × height × thickness)
          SERS active surface: 3.5 × 3.5 mm (width × height)
          Active metal: Ag/Au hybrid
          Substrate material: ITO glass
          Sampling methods: drop deposition, immersion
          Laser wavelength: 514 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm (recommended)
          Stability: up to 2 months
          Surface: hydrophilic, hydrophobic
          Sensitivity: ppm to ppb
      • Applications
        • Application
          Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)
          Application Description
          SERSitive silver and silver-gold SERS substrates are suitable for a wide range of applications. SERSitive substrates are used for Raman-based bacteria identification, cancer research, drugs, explosives detection in biological samples, identification of medicines, and chemical analysis.
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