NanoChrom BP-1MS GC column

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      • Overview
        • General column for most popular applications, particularly petroleum and petrochemical industries
           ● 100% Poly(dimethylsiloxane), crosslinked and bonded

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          Non-polar GC Columns
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          NanoChrom BP Column product comprises of polysiloxane phases, polyethylene glycol phases, porous-layer-open tubular (PLOT) phases, low column bleed or MS (Mass Spec) grade columns across all stationary phases, and custom-made columns. NanoChrom BP Column is developed by an American company which own proprietary column technologies, manufacturing process, and high standard quality control. Each NanoChrom BP column is carefully prepared and signature made for quality and performance excellence to deliver to our customers worldwide. Virtually minimal impact transitioning from another column brand  Excellent Column Inertness  Low Bleed Columns  Stable Stationary Phases  High Plate Number  Adequately Tuned Column Selectivity  Improved Results
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