3'-TFA amino deoxy Cytidine 5'-CED phosphoramidite

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          3'-Amino and 5'-Amino Amidites and Supports
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          This material is sensitive to heat and moisture. It requires the fastest shipment possible.
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          Summary of Modified Deoxy Amidites & Supports:

          During the last couple of decades, plethora of novel structurally modified nucleic acid analogs have been introduced1 to developed probes that act as potent & selected nucleic acid based therapeutics & diagnostics2. In addition to this, these probes have also showed potential application molecular biology3 & Nanotechnology4 research and development. Incorporation of modified purines and pyrimidines has been utilized to optimize DNA-protein interactions and sequence recognition for many pro­teins and enzymes such as repressor proteins, restriction endonucleases, modification enzymes, and promoters.5,6


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