Wheat Germ Extract WEPRO7240

Wheat Germ Extract WEPRO7240

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      • Overview
        • High Peformance Wheat Germ Extract that has been contained an abundance of the translation factors that are required for protein synthesis.

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          Wheat Germ Extract
          -80 °C
          Our products are shipped on dry ice. Wheat germ extracts are temperature sensitive and must always be kept frozen. Store at -80°C right upon arrival and only thaw reagents when needed. Avoid repeated freeze/thawing cycles. Prepare aliquots of the wheat germ extract on first use if you want to keep making more expression experiments later. Do not freeze/thaw the wheat germ extract more than three times.

          * The product is for research purpose only; not for use in diagnostic testing and use in human.

      • Applications
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          Used to synthesize all types of proteins

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