WEPRO8240H Core Kit

WEPRO8240H Core Kit

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      • Overview
        • Comes as a set with reagents necessary for stable isotope labeled proteins synthesis.
          Synthesizes by adjusting stable isotope labeled proteins, according to the customer’s goals.

          Improved removal performance against His-like proteins composed of wheat germ.
          Exhibits a higher level of His-tagged fusion protein purity compared to WEPRO8240 Core Kit.

          * This kit does not come with isotope labeled amino acids included.
          If the customer wants to prepare and adjust amino acids themselves, our order-made translation buffer can be used, requiring no separate amino acid adjustment.

          • Can be used for 4 reactions on 6ml reaction scale, 20 reactions on 1.2 ml reaction scale and 96 reactions on 226μl reaction scale.
          • Target proteins can be confirmed through SDS-PAGE/CBB staining.

          Recommended for:
          • Users who require yields of soluble protein ranging from a few hundred micrograms to several milligrams.
          • Users who want to progress with the synthesis of dozens of samples as soluble protein simultaneously.
          • Users who want to perform screening.
          • Users who want to perform structure analysis.
          • Users who want to perform interaction analysis.
          • Users who want to perform function analysis.

          Please contact us at  for specific academic pricing.

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      • Properties
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          Protein labeling for flexible customer need
          -80 °C

          * The product is for research purpose only; not for use in diagnostic testing and use in human.

      • Applications
        • Application
          Used to synthesize stable isotope labeled proteins (His-tagged Protein Recommendation)



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